New leads within a week of ad launch

Social Media Marketing Toronto

New leads within a week of ad launch

At Wisdek, we specialize in generating quality leads through Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Working with us is clear, effective, and affordable.

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$ 750 – $ 1,499 – Monthly
Ad Budget
$ 500 – Setup Fee

  • All Mandatory Features
  • 1 product/service for advertising
  • 2 Ads at Launch:
    1 Custom video with subtitles
    1 Carousel or Simple Animation or Static Images
  • Basic Audience Creation
  • Monthly Creative and Ad Review
  • Option to add Ad Copy with a Custom Audience
$ 400 monthly
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$ 1,500 – $ 5,999 – Monthly
Ad Budget
$ 700 – Setup Fee

  • All Mandatory Features
  • 2 products/services for advertising
  • 4 Ads at Launch:
    2 Custom videos with subtitles
    2 Carousels or Simple Animation or Static Images
  • Basic Audience Creation
  • Monthly Creative and Ad Review
  • Option to add Ad Copy with a Custom Audience
$ 600 monthly
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$ 6,000 + Monthly Ad Budget
Setup Fee – custom quote

  • All Mandatory Features
  • Complex Marketing Funnel Strategy
  • Custom Setup Advertising
  • Custom Visuals
  • Basic and Custom Audience Creation
  • An integration system for delivering new leads from Facebook ads to a cloud Google spreadsheet and client’s email
  • Monthly Creatives and Ad Review
  • Ongoing support
  • Monthly Custom Reports of Results
20% of Budget
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All Mandatory Features Include:

  • Audit accounts and pages settings
  • Analysis of the main competitors
  • Daily Ad Monitoring
  • Custom Visuals
  • Basic and Custom Advertising Audiences
  • Advertising texts
  • Pixel installation and setting the events
    If lead generation will go through the website
  • Fb Business Manager &
    Ad account creation
  • Lead-forms creating If lead generation
    will go through the Fb & Insta

How we will work with you

Social Media Marketing Services in Canada

1. Understanding Your Business

Our process commences with a thorough comprehension of your product, market advantages, and target audience. This forms the basis for selecting the most effective strategy for your advertising campaign

2. Competitor Research

To ensure that your advertising campaign deeply resonates with potential customers, we meticulously analyze your primary competitors and their social activities

3. Strategic Development

Grounded in comprehensive research and analytics, we strategically choose communication channels, lead generation methods, and craft a compelling communication and visual strategy that aligns with your objectives

4. Copywriting

Our seasoned copywriters leverage effective marketing models to craft compelling advertising copy and engaging calls to action. We create multiple versions of text for each of your products to identify the most effective one for your business

5. Visual Creative Development

We create a range of compelling ad creatives, including videos, animations, and photo carousels, for each of your products. This diversity allows the social media algorithm to determine the most effective format for your advertising results

6. Campaign Management

We’ll launch your Facebook and Instagram campaigns utilizing the full professional capabilities of Meta Business Manager. Our precise targeting settings guarantee your advertising messages effectively reach your potential customers

7. Constant Optimization and Rigorous Testing

We continuously monitor and enhance your campaigns using real-time data, ensuring ongoing improvement and superior performance

Social Media Marketing Services in Canada
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Our Firearm Safety Training business did not exist before we started working with Business Media and Wisdek. Business Media built us a beautiful SEO-Ready website from scratch that is now pulling in leads left right and center. Wisdek applied their most affordable SEO package for local coverage, and it was so effective that we started to rank all across the PROVINCE!
Business is so good that the phones are now ringing daily. We are happy to report that we will be opening a second location as well as a massive firing range in the next few months to capitalize on the overflow. We are actually going to upgrade our campaign with Wisdek to push our business even harder!!
Tony and Bruna Cooper

Tony & Bruna Cooper

Wisdek has provided me with a service I need to make my business grow. It has saved me a substantial amount of time by outsourcing and has allowed me to generate more revenue and build more customer relationships.
My clients are international, there is no better way to reach them than online!

Guidy Mamann

Northgate Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre in Calgary has used Web based advertising and marketing since 2004. As a result of continual investment and effort, our web site always came up first in local searches. The payoff came 3 years ago when people really began to use search as a way of finding our services. Last fall, our internet traffic slowed considerably and we noted that our search listing had dropped from first on page one to the middle of page four, literally making us disappear.
One of our service providers, Eran Hurvitz of Wisdek, explained to us that Google had changed their rules for search and were imposing a penalty on our web site for having back links. (The very thing they promoted previously as improving our web site standing). This penalty resulted in our listing being dropped to page four. There were thousands of these links and it looked like a significant job to remove these links. Eran offered the services of Wisdek to clean up these links and petition Google to remove this penalty. It was initially estimated to take 3 to 6 months to complete this task. To our great pleasure, Wisdek achieved the penalty removal in just over one month. We are now back on top for our local area and are very pleased with Wisdek’s service.
I would strongly recommend Wisdek and for web based service.

Malcolm Macdonald

I’ve been with Wisdek for over 2 years now and I am very pleased with their service. What was promised, was delivered. About 3 months after I started I began to enjoy good rankings across Google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, the cost was not unreasonable! Wisdek’s service delivers more leads than posting an add in an old fashioned printed directory and is more affordable than print listings were 5 years ago!
Today I have expanded my services with Wisdek from my beginnings in SEO, to PPC and Content Network Advertising. The return on investment has been incredible. I truly believe Wisdek offers their clients cutting edge marketing services and puts businesses where people are searching. I would like to recommend Wisdek to anyone who needs consistent leads for their business.

Ernie Loch

We’ve worked with Wisdek right from the beginning to develop and launch our SEO equipped website. We’ve grown tremendously on account of their SEO and funnel optimization services. Thanks to Wisdek we were able to take our initial steps onto the market in a quick, safe and inexpensive way. We made the decision to jump in with both feet an utilize almost every unique service that they offer and we’re glad we did. Today we have over 1 million clients that are getting organized, getting promoted and getting paid using our application.

Ron Daniel

We’ve asked Wisdek to develop our new site and we were quite happy how this project turned out. We’ve got ourselves involved further with Wisdek by expanded into SEO. They’ve helped us grow our business locally during first three month and thereafter globally. We still work with Wisdek on daily basis.
Christopher Fuccillo

Christopher Fuccillo

My experiences with Wisdek SEO has exceeded my expectations with the impressive scope of the program. Like many business owners, we find it difficult to stay on top of many of the changes and updates on the SEO industry to stay ahead. We have to rely on experts like Wisdek to do all of the research required to keep up to date with the internet visibility needed to support my business. I look forward to the upgrade, and I look forward to a continued partnership with Wisdek.
Peter Anthos

Peter Anthos

I did my research because I know a lot of SEO companies exist and wanted to choose the right one for me. Wisdek’s reviews on BBB were good and they explained themselves quite well in my opinion. I approached them for a website design and online marketing program. They took the time to understand everything that I wanted to include in my website and made recommendations even before I signed with them to ensure everything was user friendly and also stayed within Google’s guidelines. Next, they treated me with respect and advised us of how long it would take to get ourselves noticed online. All reports are delivered on time and everything is explained to us monthly. Due to their efforts I have been able to gain more clients and people to my website so If you are looking for a company that will simplify the Website and online marketing process to you and show you realistic results at a good price, Wisdek is the way to go.

Alan Augustinovich

We started working with Wisdek in June of 2016. We have approached them with an idea that shortly became our core business. They developed our website within one month. We were very happy with the process and communications. We just opened our store location and Wisdek’s technicians helped us set up email, hosting and Google maps. We are very excited to start our search engine optimization campaign and grow our business nationwide.

Anton Snegiroff

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