The Ultimate SEO Ranking Blueprint: Wisdek’s 10-Step Website Structure Guide

by Mike / Oct 9, 2023 / in Web Design and Development

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How Crucial is SEO for a Website?

This article is an ultimate guide on how to create and plan a solid website SEO ranking blueprint structure. At the end, you’ll get to know Wisedek’s 10-step website Structure guide.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to ranking your website at the top.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. This helps you when people search for any products you sell and any services you provide.

The better visibility your pages have the more likely people will find you and visit your website. Are you struggling with your website to make it on the search pages? So here you come to the right blog.

The secret behind standing at the top of the search engine is to be excellent at SEO. if the SEO of the website is done rightly then definitely your website will be standing at the top of the Search Engines. Thus in this article, we are going to discuss Wisedek’s 10-step website structure guide for you all and by implementing these steps you’ll for sure get your website to rank at the top.

It becomes frustrating when your business has an online presence and you are unaware of SEO. Apart from this, this is not only a problem faced by most of the website owners but there are also many other reasons for not getting a website rank at the top. 

Maybe you are not getting enough traffic on your website or maybe you know SEO but don’t know the right way to implement it. So these are the reasons and here you come at the right spot.

Why structure matters for SEO and how it impacts search visibility

To be loved by search engines it is important to have a SEO friendly structure with smart linking. Now you are definitely thinking about how a thorough structure can improve both search visibility and optimization.  

So the answer is that it is so significant to have a profound structure of your website which will improve your visibility and search optimization on the search engines. This is how SEO plays its role in making your website rank at the top.

So let’s discuss how the SEO structure impacts search visibility:

  • Search Engines care about user Experience:

However, search engines care about the user’s experience. Search Engine Result Page known as SERP. SERP rankings are influenced by how easily a website can be navigated. It mainly focuses on the pages which should be accessible within three clicks. 

  • A well-structured site increases the chances of getting site links and other SERP features. 

One of the best things about a well-structured site is that it increases the chances of getting quality site links from other websites. Basically, site links are displayed in the SERP and showcase your domain along with other URLs grouped below. They also keep your website apart from others and also improve the click-through rate (CTR) of the website.

  • Technical SEO depends on solid structure:

For technical SEO a website must be based on a solid structure. Thus, countless SEO aspects which include page crawling and indexing all depend on the structure of the website.

  • A proper structure enables proper page crawling:

If the website is well structured then it would be able to crawl properly. It means that the users won’t find any difficulty while visiting the website. So it all depends on a website’s structure.

  • The relevance of the information for search intents is influenced by its structure:

 It ensures to distribute the  content across web pages according to different topics and queries

Essential Elements of website structure

A well-structured website must be based on elements that contribute to its navigation, organisation, and overall user experience. By implementing these elements you’ll have user -friendly online presence and user satisfaction. 

Deep-dive into the essential building blocks of web design.

  • URL Structure

In the overall organisation of the website, URL plays a significant role.

  • Navigation 

Menus or Navigation bars enable users to navigate easily between sections and they’ll easily find the information they need to know. 

  • Internal Links

Internal links establish relationships between pages and improve navigation. So that your website will become user-friendly.

Thus, these are the essential elements of website structure.

Wisdek’s 10 step Website structure guide

It is important for a website to first have a solid structure so that it will rank at the top of the search engines. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step website structure guide for a better user experience.

Step 1: Look at what your competitors are doing

The first step is to start looking at the competitors of your website. Identify who they are and how they are running their websites.

Step 2: Collect and categorise keywords

Thus, the main step for building a well-structured website includes collecting and categorising keywords. Now there are many keyword research tools introduced so with the help of tools you can have keywords related to your website.

Step 3: Categorise your pages

After you have collected the relevant keywords, adjust them to the website’s hierarchy. Start with noting down the major sections and visualise their structure.

Step 4: Maintain a clear URL structure

Make sure your website contains a user-friendly structure that follows your website’s hierarchy.

Step 5: Connect pages with internal linking

Connect all the pages with internal linking to enhance website navigation and spread link juice all over website pages.

Step 6: Build a simple navigation

The most important thing is to make the Menu bar and Navigation easily accessible and don’t make it critical for users.

Step 7: Create a sitemap

Sitemaps help you keep track of all pages on your website and accelerate their indexing by search engines.

Step 8: Test your user

It’s crucial to evaluate your website from the user’s perspective so that you’ll better know how your website works.

Step 9: Check your Sitelinks

Ensure that the links you’ve inserted on your website are high-quality links so in this way the SEO of your website will be done correctly.

Step 10: Site Seed

Make sure to optimise loading times for better user experience.

So these are the steps through which you can make your website stand at the top of all the search engines.

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