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In the present era of digital marketing, it is no more a matter of amassing the followers; rather, the matter of utmost importance here is the conversion of followers with a very high potential of conversion into leads. Social media marketing is very effective as it gives you the chance to have personal interactions with the audience which spends more than half of its time on social media platforms. With the capabilities of social platforms such as Facebook,Instagram, and LinkedIn the businesses can connect with their audience in a meaningful manner building strong communication and thereby translating to results and measurements of ROI.

The Comprehensive Approach: Wisdek Social Media Ads

By no means that social media advertising at Wisdek is merely placing ads; strategies need to be done having in view your business goals and your target audience in mind. Our approach to social media ads encompasses the following key elements:

Strategy Development: The social media ad task we will kick off by conducting deep research on the competitors and ideal consumers and then launching our strategy roadmap.

Creative Content Creation: The communication we focus on is on creating creative videos and some animated ads that entirely capture your audience’s attention, urges their interaction, and thus boosts your engagement. Whether we are talking about RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value) metric, RFM model or Ruznews channels, our purpose is to push the boundaries of creative solutions.

Precise Targeting: Our ads never miss their target because we access the best dimensional targeting technology and highly specific time frame. You name it, our comprehensive set of parameters covers them all,

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Our staff tracks the progress made by the social networks ad campaign, making changes as required. Required adjustments are made according to real-time data and input. 

the eight main types of social media advertising and explore how each can benefit your business:

Facebook Ads: Facebook houses one of the most extensive advertising platforms through which one can run ads in different formats, such as image or video ads, carousel ads and so on. Facebook advertisements offer tailored options of targeting because of the in-depth demography, indicators of interests and behaviors that allow businesses to deliver their messages to the appropriate audience.

Instagram Ads: Instagram is a diverse media tool which is audience oriented and visual in nature that makes it a perfect choice for businesses that wish to promote their products or services by using captivating images or video. Instagram ad products can be located in users’ feed or stories so they do not interrupt the usual stream of the content. The advertising thus takes the part of the stream and its further examination by the user is carried out smoothly and naturally.

Twitter Ads: Twitter ads give advertisers a good way to promote their brand or to promote tweets, accounts, or trends through various channels and it is a way for advertisers to get more people to see their posts. Twitter ads facilitate precise advertising, since their options can be narrowed to keywords, demography, and interests, allowing companies to appeal to different audience groups.

LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn services B2B advertising with the ability to segment or target audiences using job titles, industries and company sizes as criteria. The advertising option can be in the form of sponsored posts, sponsored emails, or text ads enabling your business to engross influential and sophisticated decision-makers in the same industry.

Pinterest Ads: Pinterest ads, like other Pinterest ads, the visual discovering motor of Pinterest business with the users looking for motivated ideas and intentions. Among these ad formats are Promoted Pins and Promoted Video Pins which let Pinterest ads help businesses present their products or services visually and facilitate visitors coming to their website.

Snapchat Ads: Snapchat is a novel advertising channel for brands extending the formats of Snap Ads, Story Ads and AR Lenses. Boasting a mostly younger audience, Snapchat advertisements conform to the desire of businesses aimed at millennials and the “Gen Z” consumers for creating and engaging content.

YouTube Ads: Since YouTube represents the largest video platform, it gives advertisers an option of ad formats like TrueView ads or bumper ads as well as institutions can choose a popular masthead ad. Besides the criteria of demographics, tastes and behavior of the viewer, the advertisers on YouTube can reach an actively involved audience with video content.

TikTok Ads: TikTok has become an effective platform for users to provide their favorite video content. Through in-feed ads, branded effects, and hashtag challenges TikTok also allows for advertising. By means of a highly involved user community and spread-like media, TikTok ads let shops to capture the platform creativity and to build an association with the younger generation.

Partnering with Wisdek

At Wisdek, we specialize in providing business with requisite help to precisely manage the complexities of social media adverts for realization of your marketing goals. Contact us to optimize the performance of your ads, ranging from creating target-driven ad strategies, to designing aesthetically attractive and effective ad creatives to campaign optimization.

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