Unlocking User Engagement: The 7 Emotions Every Website Should Ignite

by Mike / Oct 18, 2023 / in Web Design and Development

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Business – A different outlook

We are living in a new era where technology has rushed in and invaded it all. The outlook of all this big wide world has completely changed as we come across the technology inculcated in every medium of life. So is the business with a new web design interface offering products to the end user and generating revenues on a simple click. This immense change all over the world has really been appreciated and applauded by the consumers.

A New Interface

The websites are a new face to the businesses running all around the globe. The single website of any business is doing wonders. It is a display center not only for the products but also for the services offered to the clients. One has the access to watch, study, analyze, compare and make a purchase on a single platform with the magic of click. The business is there and so are the revenues. What a blessing it is!

More Traffic engages More Activity

As it is a proven fact that today the website is a best seller for any business so it is essential to have a heavy traffic coming to visit the offers showcased. To make this possible again the technology comes into play and the marketing tactic brings in the flow. The more people pay a visit to your business you have more of the chance to capture them. Once captivated they get engaged to the site becoming potential buyers for serious purchases. 

The Art of Engagement

Engagement is a real task in this real world. People engage to test and trial before making a final decision. This is an uphill battle to be fought by the businesses keeping in consideration that it never looks like a struggle but an obvious choice by the client. To master this art a website must offer a lot exactly according to the requirements of its targeted market. The appearance, the content, the products, the product illustration, the product related details, the real time reviews and of course the easy purchase interface. The contact and reachability to the site must be easy going, this factor is equally important.

Engagement without Emotions

Though all the above mentioned factors are an essential part of designing a website to attract, captivate and engage traffic but keeping in consideration that this is human traffic visiting a site. No matter how cool it apparently looks and how attractive the outlook still one cannot be engaged to unless there is an emotional attachment whether it be a relation or a purchase. Emotions play a key role when it comes to a real business.

Aesthetics touch Emotions

The foremost emotion to be considered while designing and presenting the website to the visitors is the aesthetic sense each human has been born with. Who in this universe can deny the fact that a striking, vibrant and aesthetically designed site is not a center of attraction. It definitely develops an urge in human nature to go through the piece of art. And this roaming around brings in high chances of capturing the audience.

Cultural Impact Counts

The deep insight of the targeted market for the products displayed on the site plays a vital role in the engagement of masses. Yes, people all around the globe are very close to their cultural values and while designing the site if this emotional attachment is kept under consideration it would bring a lot of mature revenues to your business. 

Tone bringing in Magic

It seems an easy task to narrate your products with the images and details but the content put on the website definitely has its tone hanging with it. The tone sets a clear message whether it is all about business or there is an emotional attachment of the business to its clients. If the content is designed and displayed in a manner where the emotional bond between the product and the end user is clearly visible, believe me you have already gone through the halfway point.

Logic and Sense – Emotion in consideration

The information about the product and the visuals of the product being placed on the site must carry strong logic and must make good sense. The audience visiting the site must have this feeling that the product is according to their need and of course what they are searching for is an important, worth purchasing, logical and sensible purchase. 

Color Art swings the Emotions

The known fact is that the choice of colors tells a lot about the personality of an individual, the phase of life one is going through or the mood one is carrying for now. Thus the colors and their contrast used while the designing of the business website has a lot of potential to attract and retain the clientage. The use of yellow brings happiness, blue enhances serenity and red of course brings in excitement. Playing around with colors is bringing up the emotions of the targeted market for generating the revenues for business.

Right Images enhances the Mood

The images portrayed on the website must be very relevant to the products offered and at the same time the choice must be according to the mood the target market carries. The market segment which is under consideration while pitching the product is also a key factor while placing the images. The images for youngsters, for kids, for grown-ups, for men and for women are entirely from a different box. If the right box opens at the right time the target is achieved.

Easy and Simple – Close to heart

The easy going relationship, with simple rules to follow and always accessible is always appreciated and retained. So is the mechanism with the website and its engagement with its moving traffic. Make it simple yet close to heart.

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